Sub Floors

Before getting your new wood floor there are a few thing to bear in mind. The first is

Are your subfloors damp, i.e. is moisture rising through your concrete slab, or, is
the void between floorboards and sub floor well ventilated, your air bricks
should be free from blockages and contamination, if not this will most
certainly cause damp to your wood floor

We check for this on our site visits, using our damp meters in conjunction with
our humidity testers, if you are unsure please feel free to contact us, we can
advise on solving the problem whether it be a (DPM) damp proof membrane
installed by us or an asphalt membrane, fitted by our asphalt contractor. We
will leave no stone unturned, as damp is a wood floor destroyer and will ultimately
ruin your beautiful wood floor.

Next is your sub floor. Is your sub floor uneven and in a level state i.e. are there
any humps, bumps or holes that need, filled, screeded or levelled. We can solve
almost any problem we come across due to our wealth of knowledge and experience
in the trade.


Customer Feedback

I can only describe Barry and his son Barry’s work as faultless. The work was carried out in the upmost professional manner and with great enthusiasm for their work, it was a pleasure to watch them install a truly lovely floor and also be trustworthy enough to leave in my house while I worked away. Working round other trades cooperatively and efficient. Considering I was looking as far as down south for parquet flooring installers to find Barry on my door step was a blessing I couldn’t be happier with the job.

Michael Carragher. Crosby