Hard & Soft Wood Planking and Floorboards

There are many species of hard and soft wood planking, whether it is prefinished or unfinished,
it adds warmth and elegance to any area. Hard and soft wood floors have true
beauty when fitted with a mark craftsmanship and that is what we offer.

As well as many species there are various finishes and grades. PRIME GRADE- this
is the highest grade containing predominantly heart wood but some sap wood that
provides a floor with a generally uniform appearance but allows for small burs
and equivalent characters such as tight checks. It will be as the timber
produces. NATURAL GRADE- this contains the natural character of the timber,
will contain variations in colour and varying characteristics, such as tight
checks and knot holes which must be sound and readily filled. MILL RUN GRADE-
this is a mix of prime and natural, unselected as the timber will provide.

Prefinished solid strip the species vary from maple which is a light coloured timber to
walnut which is a rich dark timber. There are quite a few exotic timbers from
iroko which is a brown with a hint of green coloured timber, to, jatoba which
is a red coloured timber.



Customer Feedback

Dear Sharon Thank you for a wonderful job, your patience with me was outstanding. Every good wish to you

Catherine Dolan. Aigburth